Great Energy in this Space
Radiant Heat Panels look just like the regular ceiling tiles!

Many of you know the traditional benefits associated with hot yoga, but did you know there is an even safer way to get your hot yoga fix? We have designed our studio using an infrared heating system to offer a range of benefits not found in the traditional forced-air systems used in most hot yoga studios. Infrared or radiant heat is the transfer of heat from a warm object (radiant heat panel) to a cooler object (your body). This heat feels more like being heated by the sun than having dry air blown at you from a fan that may contain dust, allergens, or other pollutants. It is quiet, it is safe, it is better for our environment, it has many health benefits, and it just plain feels good.

Do you love the feeling of the warm sun on your skin like a cat bathing in a sunny window as much as we do? This type of heat is not only soothing, it has many therapeutic benefits. Infrared heat produces radiant heat waves that work to heat up water–since our bodies are made of mostly water, this type of heat directly warms our muscles and connective tissue, allowing for greater flexibility, increased range of motion, and tissue healing. Infrared also works on our circulatory system, as it opens up the capillaries to allow more oxygen to flow to our organs, aiding in lowering blood pressure. Not only does the use of radiant heat have these added benefits, it also offers the traditional benefits of any hot yoga class: a detoxifying sweat, increased heart rate and metabolism, improved flexibility, increased mental focus, and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Come in and see the difference for yourself!