OM House was created because Chrissy and Coco felt there was a calling to bring great yoga to the Loveland area. Not only that, but they are both passionate that the studio needed to have childcare. Chrissy has 2 kids and Coco has 3; they both know how important it is for body, mind, and soul to get at least a little bit of “me” time. We hope with our childcare options and class offerings, we can help provide at least an hour of calm to your day. In our studio you will find a welcoming atmosphere—one where you feel you can stay and hang-out a while if you wish! Check out our retail offerings before our after class—we are excited to share that we will be selling local brands to help support our own unique Loveland and Colorado communities. We can’t wait for you to join our new yoga family. Welcome hOMe!

e-ryt200Meet Chrissy Ferraro, Co-Founder of Om House!

She found the love of yoga on her mat 15+ years ago which led to her Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2007. She views her yoga practice, her long runs, and her teaching as her time to develop and press the “reset” button. She understands that the hardest person to trust and love in life is often oneself. Chrissy continues to work on the balancing act which is life—juggling the roles of wife, mother of two beautiful children, and a full time job—while also trying to incorporate enough “me” time to nourish her own body, mind, and spirit.

When she is not “yogaing,” she develops technology communities across a wide variety of enterprise companies where she also specializes in bringing people together— fostering her intense love for community and connection. The vision of bringing a studio to Loveland came when she and Coco realized NoCo needed a community driven studio—a place where she could use her skills to develop meaningful relationships and grow a loving yoga community. Chrissy is passionate that it is now the time to connect her love of yoga with her business skills by bringing Om House Yoga hOMe to Loveland. She can’t wait to have you be part of our family.

Meet Coco Peterson—Om House Yoga’s other Co-Founder.

Coco’s yoga journey began about 15 years ago when she was battling a sports injury.yacepe-ryt200 Yoga was recommended to her by a friend--and as is typical—she fell in love instantly. Yoga not only provided her with a place to “exercise,” but it was the first time in her life she felt a connection to something that was truly bigger than her “small self.” She quickly realized that yoga was not just a physical exercise, but a mental outlet, a spiritual journey, and a way to build community. She simply could not get enough of any of it. After over 10 years of yoga practice, she knew she had waited long enough and finally became a Certified Yoga Instructor in Chapel Hill, NC. She has had many great mentors throughout the years that have taught her the power of unconditional love, that there is more to yoga than asana, that good alignment is essential, that finding your “edge” is an art, and that the journey is never over.

Teaching has always come naturally to Coco, and she is extremely passionate about passing on what she has learned to her students in the most authentic ways possible, using real-life experiences to illustrate and expound on yogic philosophy and spiritual teachings. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology from her BS in Exercise Science allows her to fine-tune your asanas while her experience as a gymnastics coach, competitive cheerleading coach, and personal trainer permits her to feel very confident that the physical assists she provides will be beneficial to her students. Coco also loves to interweave and share her knowledge gained from her M.S. in Bioethics by examining the intersection of moral and ethical principles as they relate not only to health and wellbeing in general, but also as they relate to yoga philosophy and principles.

Coco believes that one of the many joys of teaching yoga is helping her students find their own unique yoga, truth, breath, and movement, while also facilitating a connection to something greater, creating community…and most of all, allowing her students to find a way to accept and enjoy every moment as it is perfectly given. It is Coco’s hope that with this new endeavor and journey with Co-Founder Chrissy—they can bring a heart centered-practice to Northern Colorado where they can guide you to a greater understanding of your relationship with your body, mind, breath, and that which is most Divine! Expect to find your inner peace and your physical “edge” as you move together to create an experience which is truly unique and enriching.

In her free time Coco loves doing almost anything outside or active, especially with her loving husband Bret and their three energetic kids, Kaia (7), Jett (6), and Jade (3). When not outside or doing yoga, she enjoys making Malas, reading, rock climbing, random dance parties, coffee, cuddles with her warm furry creatures, and the company of friends and family.

We can’t wait for you to come hOMe with us to Om House Yoga…Loveland let’s get this party started!