Welcome hOMe

namaste-717084_640When you close your eyes and think of home, any number of images may come to your mind. Sometimes, home is house, a workplace, a favorite spot on a hiking trail, or a group of friends and family. No matter where you find your home, however, the one commonality is you! Home starts with you! Our goal, at Om House Yoga, is to help you find that home within yourself. Our teachers are dedicated to helping you at every step of your yoga practice, whether it’s your 1st class or your 1,000th. Our studio space and our locker rooms are here for your every need, and our classes are tailor-made to help you more deeply connect to yourself. Om House Yoga is your safe haven—your space to recharge and cool down, to center your mind and stretch out. It is your space for your body and mind to grow and strengthen your authentic self, so that no matter where you go, you will always find your home.

At Om House, we are more than studio, we are a family where you can find a new home. “Om” is a unifying sound, a divine exclamation. Om House is here not only to help you unify all parts of yourself, but also to create a united community. As we make our way down our unique paths, Om House is here to unite us, to give us a touchstone in life to come back to and find solace and strength.

We are a community of yogis; lovers of health in the mind, body, and soul. As teachers, as practitioners, as lovers of yoga, we cannot wait to grow with you. We are so glad to welcome you to Om House Yoga, and to welcome you to our family. May you walk through life with love and with peace. Welcome home!