‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season– such a simple comment with almost infinite meanings. ‘Tis the season of light, love, joy and happiness. ‘Tis the season for dark, sad, anxiety and fear. We can endure all these emotions this time of year as our schedules get hectic with extra social activities, family affairs and school/work functions! We at Om House view our cOMmunity as our extended family; a hOMe away from home so that you can stay committed to your true self. We strive to have balance and calm during the peak times of our schedule and life. To help give incentive to stay on our mats we developed the Maintain Challenge. It’s simple: 3 classes a week. Each week we will draw a winner and grand prize winner will be drawn at the close of the challenge in early of January! Do this for yourself…make it to your mat where you will find a safe place to cultivate balance, breath, silence, peace, calm, growth, transformation, and a connection to the universe and others. We all deserve these moments regardless if it is the holidays or not—but we forget. Forget to pause, forget to reset- to look at things through another less foggy lens and find simple gratitude. Take this time to reflect and how to grow for yourself. No one benefits when you are running in a million directions. The simple truth is a juggler is only amazing until they drop the ball.  Can’t make it to class make sure to try some of these poses to get you through the holidays– https://www.doyouyoga.com/10-yoga-poses-for-instant-calm-during-the-holidays/

We just want you healthy, safe, and happy during the holiday season!


-Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Much love,

Chrissy and Coco