Summer is BREWING. It’s funny you would think that Summer is the time to sit back and relax, but we all know that when the first week of summer hits—it is anything but relaxing. Our routines are out the window, kids or grandchildren are home, and we have longer and warmer days to keep our children engaged, healthy, and active. We all know how we tell our spouse/partners we GOT this. We keep telling ourselves: I can do this routine all day long and then it happens…weeks two, three, and four. We start to see the mindset shift; we are less patient, we run out of “fun” things to do, we hear a constant hum of “I’m bored” or “I’m hungry.” This is the time we need our MAT the most. We need to have some self-care minutes. We have been preparing our children with GROUND rules for the summer; simple things such as 30 minutes of school work, 20 minutes of reading, and rooms cleaned before they can even ask for a playdate. This is for them, but it is also about creating boundaries to have moments of time for my sanity. Time for me to be able to mediate, practice yoga, and/or run. As my husband put it to them, “trust me kiddos you want mom to have these moments of alone time and you will learn you do too.” It doesn’t mean I am a bad mom it means I am human. We all need time to BREATHE, MOVE, and MEDITATE to help remember our journey. When we reflect inward it helps show refection outward. I want my kids to get the best of me which doesn’t amount to how much time we spend together, but is more about the quality time of me. This is one reason why we have decided to develop the Om Premier Membership. It’s all you can yoga, boot-camp, restore, move, and breath all month with all inclusive childcare for only $99 a month. Think Summer. Think self-care time! Why is it that we as parents can invest in every sport, class, toy, and thing for our children– but for us we pause and second guess our investments in our health and well-being. Invest in yourself this Summer! As if $99 unlimited fitness and childcare isn’t amazing enough the first 25 people it includes all children in the household. After the first 25 it will be an extra $10 a month for each child after 2.