hOMe-Our Story



Chrissy wanted to open a studio two years after her yoga teacher training and would look at real estate, write her business plan, and then just sit on the thought. This would happen about two times a year. During this time her elbow had this tremendous pain in it. Everyone she went to would say, “it’s just tendinitis” and she would go through yet another round of Physical Therapy with no relief. Finally, orthopedic surgeon #2 was like, "well I do see this small thing in your MRI—we could go get it.”  Chrissy, being one who isn't excited about “going under,” said something like "are you sure? Would you for this?"  He said "if this was my wife, and she had this kind of pain, I would encourage it."  Orthopedic Surgeon #2 then goes on to say that his wife and I would make great friends since she also loves yoga.  He said that they recently moved back to the area and she just had her 3rd baby and a hip surgery, and could really use a friend and fellow yogi.  Chrissy left the office with a surgery date planned and “stalked” (I mean reached out) to Dr. Peterson’s wife.  Soon after they started going to yoga classes together.  


While attending yoga classes together, Chrissy and Coco discovered that their kids went to school together, that they had attended many birthday parties together that year—and that their kids were already good friends.  What a small world!  Chrissy and Coco were fascinated that their lives were so intertwined, but that they hadn’t taken the time to really “meet” each other until Chrissy’s arm and Coco’s husband really brought them together.  Isn't if funny (and maybe somewhat sad) how everyone is in passing…never slowing down to truly connect?  It was through the gift of yoga that Chrissy and Coco finally took a moment to pause, look up, and truly see what was right in front of them. Yoga allowed them the opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and see what they had been missing because of their “busy” daily lives. 


That year Chrissy and Coco giggled at Coco's son’s birthday party at Chuckie Cheese that they should open a yoga studio. Fast forward two years—they are now great friends and driving in Chrissy’s car having what from the outside may have looked like a high school jam session; it's January, and two middle aged woman are straight up “getting down,” dancing in a Nissan Muarano, cruising along Harmony Road, sipping on Kombucha.  In between rap songs, they daydreamed about what their studio vibe would be.  That is when the they named their “dream house” Om House Yoga. They loved how in the yoga world OM (AUM) is the vibrational frequency that makes up the pulse of the universe and is said to be the source of being. The sound “OM” symbolizes the infinite and connects our inner world to that which is greater than just our “small” self. In this way the experience of OM is connection, unity, and love. Chrissy and Coco’s loved the meaning of OM…and the name further evolved with the addition of “house.” In this imaginary and "made-up" yoga studio, they wanted people to feel at “home.” They wanted to make a place where people would always feel welcome, a place of non-judgement, a place where a family could be created.   


After this inspirational and hilarious car ride, Chrissy quickly got on the internet and secured their LLC and URL name… “just incase” they wanted to make this dream a reality.  They also both went home and told their husbands about their idea and the awesome name they came up with.  Mike (Chrissy’s husband) and Bret (Coco’s husband) had heard this story before; they had seen the passion in their wive’s eyes many times, but neither one really understood and definitely didn’t think that these new ideas would go anywhere.  They had seen this passion and heard this “talk” many times before and figured by morning we would move on. At that moment they were right. The next day we all went back to our daily lives. 


April rolled around and fear can do crazy things. Chrissy went through some personal health issues and her husband and Coco said screw it—it is time! Time to do this dream of ours. Mid-month we signed a lease and here we are.  Yes…things really moved that fast, when you know, you know!


Chrissy and Coco are passionate about building a healthy, loving and safe hOMe for people to find their very best version of themselves. Their goal is to find true connection with each of you—as they did with each other…through their common passion for yoga and well-being.  OM House is a place to grow stronger, to nourish the body, mind, and soul, to share stories, to support each other in the ups and downs of life—a place to build a loving community.  We invite you into our HOUSE in hopes that it finds a way into your heart and becomes a second hOMe—this is the center piece of our dream.


Thank you NoCo! This first month has been a true blessing and has humbled us more than we could ever put into words.  Not everyone gets to live a dream; we are so lucky to share our dream with each of you.  Namaste!