Conscious Breathwork & Sound Bath Workshop

Conscious Breath work & Sound Bath Workshop

Dates: April 26, 2019

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Price- $30

Must Pre-Register

This meditative journey is ignited by the power of your breath, the rhythm of Shamanic drumming and the healing sound of singing bowls.
Conscious Connected Breathwork opens the body, mind and spirit to the possibility of profound healing, insight and balance. Through the breath, we remove energetic blockages that limit your capacity to rest in your body with ease, clarity and joy.
In every aspect of our lives, we are attuned to rhythm – in utero we are soothed by our mother’s heartbeat and resonate with the flow and regularity of her breath. The repetitive sound of a drum listened to over a period of time, moves us into an altered state of consciousness where we can journey inward to the source of our truth and experience our innermost thoughts, feelings and vibrations.
Based on ancient healing techniques, vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to re-calibrate the mind, body, and spirit. These healing frequencies stimulate alpha and theta brain wave frequencies, balance the hemispheres of the brain, and promote a sense of ease and inner peace. The benefits of a Sound Bath include improved sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety, as well as a renewed sense of well-being, calm, and happiness.