OM 1 (Vinyasa Yoga)

Our Vinyasa Yoga Class is a fun and easy-going 60 minute class for all levels, practiced in a warm room (80-85 degrees). The asanas are based on traditional postures and are built around finding your inner and outer balance with a focus on alignment, strength, and flexibility. Vinyasa yoga takes a series of postures and combines them in a way that is almost dance-like, linking breath with movement. This practice can become like a moving-meditation which leads to tremendous physical and mental health benefits. The “flow” of yoga poses will vary depending on the yoga teacher and/or theme of the class; sometimes more dynamic and fluid while other times the pace might be slower with more of a focus on stillness and static holds. Each teacher has unique styling and is encouraged to teach authentically and from his or her heart. Modifications and progressions will be offered so students may find their unique “edge” and variation of the posture.

OM 2 (Vinyasa Yoga)


Our Level 2 Vinyasa Yoga class builds on the foundation set in Om 1 and is for those students comfortable and acquainted with basic yoga postures. This class is offered both heated (95-102 degrees and warmed ~85 degrees). This class is invigorating in nature and is directed at creating heat within the body with a focus on core strengthening. Om 2 lets us respect our boundaries, yet pushes us to confront our “edge,” working with our bodies, not against them. The class offers a vigorous cardiovascular and muscular workout while also utilizing heat to relax, detoxify, and gain greater depth in each asana.

OM 3 (Vinyasa Yoga)


Our OM 3 class integrates and expands upon everything offered in OM 2, but with even more of an emphasis on powerful and fluid movement, linking yoga postures with breath while stimulating the body into advanced peak poses.


Open to all levels of practice and abilities, our soothing gentle class focuses on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness. Therapeutic in nature, you will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a perfectly slower pace – allowing ample time to enjoy each pose. Meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques will also be introduced; perfect for stress relief, injury healing, and overall well-being. This class also incorporates the use of blocks, bolsters, blankets, and other props to assist and further deepen the experience of the poses. Beginner-friendly.

HOUSE FLOW (Set Series)


Our HOUSE FLOW draws from Vinyasa Yoga, Traditional Hot Yoga, and Hatha Yoga to combine the best of all worlds. HOUSE FLOW is a set series class—meaning you will move through the same series of postures in the same order every class. A set series allows you to focus more on breath, transitions, and alignment as your body becomes familiar with the flow. Each teacher is encouraged to bring his or her own unique perspective and theming to enhance the experience of each class. Students will be challenged in the moderately paced, heated class with emphasis on developing greater strength, flexibility, and inner awareness, gaining a total body, mind, and spirit experience.

OM RESTORE (Restorative Yoga)

Our yin-style class offers poses that are meditative, nurturing, and restorative in nature. A majority--if not all--poses will be floor-based and each posture will be held for 3-5 minutes to fully allow the body and mind to relax, go deeper, and let go. These longer, static, and more passive holds work on the connective tissues of the body which include the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones while also providing benefit to our nervous and circulatory systems. Breath-work is incorporated throughout class and the body will often-times be supported with props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps. Both soothing and regenerating in nature, restorative poses help bring balance to our demanding daily lives. This class is not only a great compliment to a more vigorous “yang” practice, but it is also a tool for injury healing and prevention, for recovery from mental and/or physical illnesses, for healing for traumatic life events, or for prevention and mending of whatever else might cause a state of disease in your life.



Our VIN/YIN class will blend the complementary and opposing forces of yin and yang to create a balanced, well-rounded yoga experience.  In yoga, yin is feminine, cooling, gentle, and still, while yang is described as masculine, heating, vigorous, and moving.  This class will start with the strong movement and active flow of an OM 2 class incorporating the yang principles of Chinese philosophy and then will move into a more yin practice, slowing things down into restorative and static postures. This class provides a sweet combination of different yoga styles to facilitate harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.



Our high energy and intense cross-training class will challenge your whole body by providing a tailored workout to hit every major and minor muscle group. By mixing cardio--utilizing high-intensity interval training (HIIT)--and strength training exercises, you will send your metabolism into high gear while the fun music and group-training environment will kick up the fun-factor. This boot camp-like class uses your own body weight, free weights, and the latest fitness tools to compliment your yoga or other athletic endeavors, or it is also perfect as a stand-alone workout routine. Be prepared to get sweaty, get sculpted, and take your workout to the next level. Shoes required.



This 60 minute class is dedicated to mind, body, and soul. It is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a full body workout and practice the benefits of mindfulness, improve flexibility, and increase body awareness.Strong emphasis on mind-body connection.

This is a full body workout with a blend of resistance training exercises that will build strength in the body using free weights, barre influenced movements, functional body weight movements, and yoga.Begin by building internal heat in the body as you flow through dynamic vinyasa yoga movements to prepare your body to move into strengthening using principals of barre and functional weight training that will sculpt and tone. Deep restorative postures are designed to restore your body, mind, and spirit. Room will be warmed. All levels welcome. Modifications and amplifications will be offered.


Fun loving and playful yoga for kids, we foster creativity, cooperation, and confidence in a safe environment. Yoga is an amazing tool to promote self-awareness, self-esteem, body awareness, breath control, and ultimately Self-Love for kids.
Weekly Kids Yoga Class: (for kids 6+)


This 60 minutes class is a wonderful playtime for both you and your baby. We provide you a relaxing environment to regain strength, flexibility and a renewed sense of calm through gentle Post-Natal stretches and relaxation techniques. *Suitable for babies from 6 weeks up to crawling. Daddies welcome too.


Our community class is offered once or twice per month as specially announced times. It will be donation based with a minimum donation of $5 and all proceeds will go to XXXXX. The vinyasa style class will be an hour long in a room heated to approximately 85 degrees. A short meditation will be lead after savasana.

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.      

**All WARM and HEATED classes are heated using Radiant (Infrared) Technology to further promote the health benefits of yoga.  To read more about this technology visit our Why Radiant Heat page.

HEATED (90-95 DEGREES RADIANT HEAT)