Electrolytes Many of us have heard the word electrolytes but what are they and why do we need them? Electrolytes are certain nutrients or chemicals found in the body. The major ones are potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. Electrolytes help to maintain hydration or fluid balance, nerve and muscle functions. When we exercise, especially … Continued

Happy Birthday OMies

Happy Birthday OMies: How did 2 Years happen?   Thank you OMies. I know we say it all the time, but it truly is our OMies that developed this hOMe. As founders of Om House we developed the space, but it is our community that gives us our vibe. Om House is many things to … Continued


Remain or Evolve….   Dream Big! We are given a choice to EVOLVE or REMAIN. As many of you OMIes know I am not one to goal set at the New Year. I turn to quarterly digestible goals for myself. I set stretch goals, but not unattainable ones. As you walk into the new routine … Continued


Summer is BREWING. It’s funny you would think that Summer is the time to sit back and relax, but we all know that when the first week of summer hits—it is anything but relaxing. Our routines are out the window, kids or grandchildren are home, and we have longer and warmer days to keep our … Continued


    GRATITUDE :It’s been proven that the act of gratitude helps individuals maintain and better their health. “Clinical trials indicate that the practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person’s life. It can lower blood pressure and improve immune function… grateful people engage in more exercise, have better dietary behaviors, are … Continued

Heart Healthy Month- Benefits of Yoga and the Heart

  Happy Healthy Heart Awareness month. It is no coincidence that Valentine’s Day and  Heart Awareness month fall in the same month. Valentine’s Day can and should be viewed as not just a trendy day to remind you to love the ones you have in your life—but to take time to make them and yourself … Continued

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season– such a simple comment with almost infinite meanings. ‘Tis the season of light, love, joy and happiness. ‘Tis the season for dark, sad, anxiety and fear. We can endure all these emotions this time of year as our schedules get hectic with extra social activities, family affairs and school/work functions! We at … Continued

What is Yoga

What is Yoga? Most of the time people “find” their mat when they need a “fix.” Fix the back pain, fix the knees, the hips, fix anxiety…or just fix life in general. The physical aspect of yoga is usually what brings people through a yoga studio door. For some the journey starts there—but in no … Continued

hOMe-Our Story

 Chrissy wanted to open a studio two years after her yoga teacher training and would look at real estate, write her business plan, and then just sit on the thought. This would happen about two times a year. During this time her elbow had this tremendous pain in it. Everyone she went to would say, … Continued

Welcome hOMe

When you close your eyes and think of home, any number of images may come to your mind. Sometimes, home is house, a workplace, a favorite spot on a hiking trail, or a group of friends and family. No matter where you find your home, however, the one commonality is you! Home starts with you! … Continued